My use

In this series  I'm going to write those ideas (and perhaps the circumstances) that I believe:
- Brought me a lot of good

- Universal (ie, suitable not only for me but for anyone)



In my opinion, the most useful that indeed I have read the thread Is one Sufi parable.
Alas, I do not remember it verbatim (I only remember that I saw it on the site, but I remember its main
So: to come to God must go to God. Do not investigate methods of the devil, not to eradicate evil and injustice - you just go to God. All the rest way only to distract people from the road.

That's so simple now but it seems to me very, very deep thought.

One little I know with Sufism, and probably in vain, so the second and until the last benefit that I
drew from Sufism - is a parable about the Sufis on the ship.
The plot there was this: swimming dervish on the ship, was played out drills, all those on board had begun to pray
 Besides dervish, then the storm subsided and all the people in prayer began to glorify God for the miraculous escape again except dervish. When the team noticed that the Sufi does not pray to him exasperated they began to reproach him that he simply hypocrite and false calls himself a Sufi (even threatened to throw him overboard). In reply dervish told them that they are hypocrites, and remember God only when their lives are in danger and in the rest of the time of God do not remember, but he also praying, not because the storm and not because God has saved the ship but just purely the love of God. In general it overboard threw)))

The idea that prayer should be out of love (and not because of some circumstances, pleasant or dangerous) - is in my personal list is number 2.

It is regrettable, but nothing else of Sufism me draw not yet succeeded.