To be oneself

I used to be a teenager long time ago; I had a low self-esteem, complexes, high anxiety, caution, and raised need for the material possessions. In simple words – I used to be a coward and greedy nothingness.

And nobody told me I had to be myself. And I didn’t guess myself being like a foolish. As a result I performed a variety of actions which could be referred to the intolerable mistakes by the modern positivism: I didn’t use to think positively, I didn’t accept myself as I was and the worst mistake was that I struggled with myself.

Due to these wrong actions at first I overcame a low self-esteem … frankly speaking I did that all the mistaken way again as instead of accepting myself and thinking positively I became the table-tennis and chess champion, I won some regional contests in different subjects, I used to exercise Wushu two years (which means I learnt fighting a bit) and found the profitable job. Due to these unjustified and tensed steps I started to respect myself and also I gained the respect from my counterparts.

The more the worse it gets. I announced the real battle to myself, depressed myself and performed the complete line of the incorrect steps from the positivism point of view aiming only to overcome my cowardice. Of course I kept to be scared of some things and situations but I prevented myself to be guided by those fears and I stepped towards them… and nobody in the university could even notice I was a coward. Not a mindless brave man sure but definitely fearless on the certain level. I graduated from the university; but the following 10 years were filled by the completely incorrect actions as I made myself feel tensed by all the possible ways.

And what did I get at the end?
In fact I made the dreadful sin as I had lost myself , I had lost that schoolboy who considered himself as a pathetic and greedy coward nothingness.
The world has lost a lot probably because of my unique inimitative personality stopped its existence.

There is another point of view distinct from positivism as I consider I made and trained myself, having built exactly what I wanted to create. And who cares about that unique inimitableness. Turned to be that the world has much more lacking willpower nothingness persons than powerful brave people so I do hope the world will excuse me. This topic wasn’t aimed to make a boast of myself.
The following information is nothing more as the acid-tongued criticism of positivism and all that new-age stuff.

To be yourself and don’t accept yourself that is even not a bullshit and babelism, it seems to be the ideological sabotage within the planet.
Besides people drive into their heads the completely destructive question «Who am I?» they extensively connive all their faults and caprices meanwhile positivism whispers them into the both ears it is the correct way of behavior!

I don’t know which saboteur decided to infect people’s minds of the idea not to call sins as they are while the faults are being called the unique features… but hundreds of thousands people caught that idea with the excitement. You bet! It’s much easier! One shouldn’t take any efforts, no need to suffer and endeavor, no need of anything as it is enough only to support your own unique originality which considered to be the best contribution into the development of the world’s diversity!

But who? Who wants to live with the hysterical woman? Is there a right-minded person who will be happy to observe the inferiority complex of their own kids? Who will choose a bastard husband?
But they all are other people obliged to be nice and proper and positive! – But you can allow yourself making “little ways” endlessly anyway staying “the unique originality”.
Isn’t it bullshit?
No way, million dollars business as it is. Maybe billion dollars of the annual turnover business all over the world.
Yobbos are being given an occasion not to consider themselves as yobbos.

So be so kind to accept my kind-hearted advice not to trust this entire prick.
Try your best, overcome yourself, eradicate your faults and improve omissions.
Every day with your blood and sweat.

Make yourself better and you will become better!

And don’t care of all those hypocrites with the positive faces. They let things slide and don’t think of you wanting only your money and nothing more.

I have a personal message to all those who sincerely believe in the positive thinking and accepting yourself as you are maybe even promoting these ideas being a good person at the same time. Keep your eyes open! Positivism idea is as useful as the pill of a pain-killer. I can agree it would be useful to use in small doses in special occasions… but trying to cure all the diseases by the pill of a pain-killer could be softly named as a “hopeless stupidity”. Yes, the mistake had been made and you believed into the next gorgeous fairy-tale.
But be so kind just to look at the people who had been in positivism for long years.
They are completely selfish! Moreover they are constantly influenced by depression which becomes frequently repeated. Plus hypocrisy as they are needed to keep the mark of positive people. Their problems NEVER could be solved. It would be really great if positivism could solve something but it doesn’t. That’s not more than self-deceit. By their self acceptance we can see only that they connive themselves as they don’t accept themselves, they don’t learn how to accept themselves and they almost don’t have any chances to accept themselves.
They foolishly avoid everything they don’t like. When the policy of austich (which usually hides its head in the sand) had become popular and useful?
Since the time when dishonest merchants of psychology decided to earn some money using it. And you are actively assisting them to do that while keep thinking you will help other people?

You would better approve those ideas on rats anyway…it is a sin to check these ideas on people…
Or you aren’t completely concerned by the consequences of those ideas?