became strong

Weakness fostering and treatment against it


«If she turns me down or doesn’t go to the movies with me I will not take it», - so what? Will your head fall off? Or will your heart jump off your chest and fly away high into the air as a wounded bird?!?

Oh yeah, right away.

Sure, 4 billion people endured it and you’re the only one who will not!

Ok, not the only one – there are a few hundred fools who found themselves in the same situation and took their lives. But they did it not because they were swayed by particularly elevated sentiments – but because their brains were defective.

There are many examples of such idiocy. Nevertheless youth and not very young people keep on suffering with this rubbish, and some of them do it often and in plenty. The others do it occasionally; but we know that the behavior pattern used on regular basis becomes a habit and later the destiny.

What is it all about?

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