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Working with the body: the spine column

Spine - is all for us! :) 

A very large number of people have problems with the spine, ie scoliosis of varying degrees. Ypu can live with it, of course,  but Sushumna, Ida and Pingala (the main energy channels of human) - is not working at 100%. And worse than a man with a backbone - the worse the working energy channels. Unfortunately, I do not know technology as a self-clean curvature of spine, so my advice would be only one: first go to the manual therapist, and only then begin to engage in self-development.

Even if the goal is not to gain some heights in yoga or other practices of power - still bring the spine into a healthy state should be for everyone. This information is completed some post, and the only thing that I can add - this is my observation and their pugalki:)

Working with the body: muscles

To begin with, that I think the 2 nd in order of importance, but the 1-m by relevance. So:

  1. Muscles must be
  2. Muscles must be flexible.

 I have met several times the beginner's view:  our mind - is all of us, and a pile of muscles  is unnecessary and almost harmful. Yes, our mind - is everything to us, but muscules is so closely linked with the physiology, and without the work with the muscles full self-impruvement is impossible.
I have explanation.

"Body-oriented esoteric"

In this area I am not an expert. I have never purposefully did not learn this, but I could not avoid this theme. Therefore, in the field of bodywork I - normal esoteric, without a bag of tricks or secret knowledge.

But work with his own body - is important. No less important than working with other facets of man.

So, I hope this series of articles will be useful to people who start out esoteric, and yet just does not get the barriers to self, facing me. Or may be reached, but still not understood.

I'm writing it for one purpose: to share their own experiences.
Well, quite small theoretical justifications for the course of the exposition.

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