working with ego

Psychological defence with elements of Buddhism

Life is such that sometimes, occasionally it happens moments when other people have loaded. On topic esoteric or civilian - not important. 

And in the ranks of the people doing the imposition us your ideas / emotions / states there are also some very skilled citizens. 

«Nikakashechkas[1] », or the tale that not all yogas are equally useful.


(1) Nikakashechka - something that is pointless and gives no results.


«Not all that glitters is gold» - I think everyone knows this expression.

Goodsaying. It can be applied in any sphere of life, including the field of self-development.


In my previous article I told that I would prove the inefficiency of Integral yoga as a mean of self-development (well, or so-called “spiritual development”). Thus, I’llstartwithit.


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