I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Oleg and I’ve been studying Esoteric and Psychology since 1998.

You can be sure It haven't been the waste of time. 


So I decided to share my experience, practice output and information I owed 

I do hope my website will bring you some useful, interesting or new facts.

And I appreciate your comments here or asking me any questions you are concerned with.

Articles about various themes

I have a little bit of articles about various themes, and I d'not know how to categorize it. Some of them are linked to self-impruvement, some of them - not linked :) So I decided to publish part of it in a blog, and partially - in this section. And if a little more specific - that here I will publish those articles that I personally like more than others:) So, I propose to your attention ...

If you want to write a comment

If you want to write a comment, I ask you to consider the following:

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 2. Write from yourself. You are personally interesting to me, and I am friendly and will respect you as a person. Even if you disagree with me. Even if you somehow are good better than me. Especially if you are good at something better than me. 

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If there is no rain

If there is
no rain the Christians caused that. I don’t know exactly whether this saying
really existed in the Ancient Rome but as far as I am aware of the people I can
believe it did exist.

Escape behavior specialists

We had been
involved in different kinds of esoteric science for 5,7,10 years…. Not only
reading but had been practicing it…we went different ways and achieved
different aims…

And all we
are the escape behavior specialists (including me).

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