Weakness fostering and treatment against it


«If she turns me down or doesn’t go to the movies with me I will not take it», - so what? Will your head fall off? Or will your heart jump off your chest and fly away high into the air as a wounded bird?!?

Oh yeah, right away.

Sure, 4 billion people endured it and you’re the only one who will not!

Ok, not the only one – there are a few hundred fools who found themselves in the same situation and took their lives. But they did it not because they were swayed by particularly elevated sentiments – but because their brains were defective.

There are many examples of such idiocy. Nevertheless youth and not very young people keep on suffering with this rubbish, and some of them do it often and in plenty. The others do it occasionally; but we know that the behavior pattern used on regular basis becomes a habit and later the destiny.

What is it all about?

Subpersonality p.2

A little preface:

So, subpersonality present in our mind. Or not? Before I delve into this topic, I probably paying attention to this issue.

There is no subpersonality as a separate phenomenon. Subpersonality are part of human consciousness.

Previously, I used the following illustration: a strand of hair.


Subpersonalities were fashionable topic few years ago ... Well, at least briefly.
Now I hardly ever meet mention of them. However, work in this direction although it is not mandatory, but may nonetheless benefit.
First a little theory. What is a kind of beast? Where they come from?

Psychological defence with elements of Buddhism

Life is such that sometimes, occasionally it happens moments when other people have loaded. On topic esoteric or civilian - not important. 

And in the ranks of the people doing the imposition us your ideas / emotions / states there are also some very skilled citizens. 

If there is no rain

If there is
no rain the Christians caused that. I don’t know exactly whether this saying
really existed in the Ancient Rome but as far as I am aware of the people I can
believe it did exist.

Escape behavior specialists

We had been
involved in different kinds of esoteric science for 5,7,10 years…. Not only
reading but had been practicing it…we went different ways and achieved
different aims…

And all we
are the escape behavior specialists (including me).


How many times I had heard this phrase…

And also “the categoricalness is the attribute of the narrow-mindedness”…or something like that.  And it has always made me protest (even if this phrase wasn’t appealing to me)

And after I became the mathematician…I got acquainted with the theory of the fuzzy numbers and the fuzzy set. With the optimization methods…and there can be really the correct (probable) answers like “the task solution is between the 3, 348 and 3, 349” or “the variable within the range from 2 to 3 meets the conditions of the task”.



There is no consolidated
opinion of this matter among novice esotericians, novice psychologists as well
as teenagers: some of them consider that a person
has personal freedom, some of them believe that he does not possess and cannot
possess it at all... As for those who are older  or more experience do not chatter about it.

To be oneself

I used to be a teenager long time ago; I had a low self-esteem, complexes, high anxiety, caution, and raised need for the material possessions. In simple words – I used to be a coward and greedy nothingness.

And nobody told me I had to be myself. And I didn’t guess myself being like a foolish.

Human's attention

The attention phenomenon is the mystical and slightly explored thing.
As I know this topic is quite developed in Chi Kung and... And I can’t recollect any other sources.

And what is this? İt is hard to define the term but at the same time people all-in-all understand it in a common way but what follows from that?

İ imagine attention and realise it like a kind of... much easier to make it through the visual figure for me while I see it as a directed aerial. The direction of it is essential.

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