Human's attention

The attention phenomenon is the mystical and slightly explored thing.
As I know this topic is quite developed in Chi Kung and... And I can’t recollect any other sources.

And what is this? İt is hard to define the term but at the same time people all-in-all understand it in a common way but what follows from that?

İ imagine attention and realise it like a kind of... much easier to make it through the visual figure for me while I see it as a directed aerial. The direction of it is essential.
And attention represents the object the person looks at after forming the channel by means of iteracting with the phenomenon of the world around.
Naturally the person can interact without paying attention (otherwise would it be possible the magic influence to be performed?). But attention intensifies exchange, focuses the interaction…it’s hard to describe it in understandable words but I do hope it will be enough for now.

It can be illustrated by the example of two persons communicating. Communication means energy exchange. But when people concentrate attention on each other the exchange is intensified drastically (the top of it is two enamored ones). If the attention is being distracted the exchange appears to be much lower.
It’s come to my mind when we didn’t follow another person or he didn’t follow you… and as a result most of the energy was being dispersed in the air lowering its efficiency.

The primary rule №1 is - People need the love for life.
The primary rule №2 is - Love comes through the channel created by attention.

It is necessary to be attentive to the source of love if there is need to obtain it. (It doesn’t matter whether the Source of love is from another person… or even from the pet). And all that info is contained in “the basic set of Anahata programs”).

Further the resonance is needed. Nobody has cancelled the energy interaction law therefore the love from outside could be assimilated only by your own love. Otherwise there is no resonance and the energy diminished.

From now the problems get started… as far not everybody can love adequately and the resonance law prevents them from attaining love energy so needed for life. It is clear not a law but person who obstructs himself, anyway the problem with energy obtaining exists. Of course little love exists like the Lord’s love which is being spread to everybody and people are nourished by it, but it is too little. And the wish to get more is normal. The lack of love is the major problem of humanity.

As a consequence a person feels the attention is needed to obtain some love and therefore he tries to draw the attention to him.
By doing that he is trying to attract the energy from outside. But he can accept it only according to the resonance law drawing only that kind of attention he can absorb and accept.
For instance a quarrelsome person is searching for the rage energy and/or close to it (for example victim energy, the energy of rage accept, i.e. guilt). The horny person is searching for the sex energy partner (or row) etc.

It’s clear a person obtains not what he wants as a result because it is hard to transmute low frequency energy into the high frequency Love and it demands the special skills. It is worse to mention people mostly do it unconsciously but the conscience is simple and it can’t make the complicate conclusions. So the person draws attention more and more in the unconscious wish to find the “good” energy source which means he was fed and loved. Anyway a lot of people are really satisfied with that low frequency energy as even it’s not so comfortable but it is possible to live nourished by it. In fact we got the picture of Yang so called a “sunny” vampire.

A little bit easier to live for those who are oriented to the high-frequency energy. Bohemia for instance. Artists, poets, and all the people like these … they expect to obtain the admiration energy, which owns higher frequency than love has helping them to feel more comfortable as it is easier to lower energy frequency than to raise it. Even having the admiration is much better than rage or guilt.
Of course that is not so simple here as every person including artists has a bypass channel Swadhisthana - Vishuddha and the energy can come down into the Swadhisthana. .. but this variant is more preferable anyway.
Another option to obtain the energy is to provoke the compassion while sharing the problems with the person, in other words just to complain. As compassion has the higher frequency than love… and in some cases it really works. But sadly the complainer obtains not he was hoping for when having get pity instead of compassion. Pity itself has drastically lower energy level and low frequency energy.
Saying “pity humiliates” follows from that. In the reality pity is the Manipura energy… it is also better than row but not that good for the complainer unconsciously waiting for something else definitely. Thus the scheme of a “lunar” vampire appears.

The lyrical digression: I treat loyally the most cases of “energetic vampirism”. We are social people and both the mutual supportiveness and support is normal including the energetic support. Moreover the most of people aren’t the inveterate vampires. Someday I had helped somebody and the other day I was supported…and the balance is hitches on together. Definitely there are especial impudent persons who only take the energy not willing to give it back… and sometimes it can be justifiably! If that is a pregnant woman for instance as she needs more energy in some cases but she isn’t able to get it back as she nourishes herself and her baby… or an old man can act like that using the energy…
Some old people have their energy system being completely exhausted and worn-out so they can’t obtain the quantity of energy they are needed. Thus they have a choice to get ill or to steal energy by vampirism.
Is there anything bad here?
Not all vampires are indulged by me. Some of the vampires draw the energy through the attention correctly and without donor’s permission… so I sometimes pull up or face down these people … or they just aren’t being granted by my energy. But that is my personal choice and I will neither enforce it nor give reasons for.

Let’s get back to the subject.
Let me remind you anyway that the most intensive energy processes go through the attention. Here comes both meditation and prayer and when people are just looking into each other’s eyes (which is greatly alike the meditation and prayer!), the conversation and a lot of things.
Even when the collector is busy with his collection he puts his energy into it through the attention.

The worse person feels the more energy he needs (meanwhile I think the leading need is to be loved) thus he is trying to draw the people’s attention more obtrusively and more intensively.
However the donors have the same strategy. To share their energy the special channel is needed which must be built up with the help of attention.
And especially the aware donors as they also draw attention. For instance the every teacher teaches only the attentive students and often draws their attention to him… by the help of different means.

In fact all the teachers cheated their students more or less. But as I have concluded now they did it to draw the attention and give the students the knowledge they considered being useful to pass through the created connection.

Clearly not only the aware donors behave like that.
More often the attention is being drawn by donors “against their will”...
For instance when the person has been overloaded by the low frequency energy at work after coming home he is trying to give back the excessive energy to his close people by means of attention naturally. And sometimes he breaks the dishes to attract attention. Clearly that appears to happen because of not knowing how to attract the attention. (I am not going to consider how to do it competently within this topic).
The conclusion - the person draws attention in case of having any kind of problem with the energy. More often that can be a lack of love and the way to fill the inner emptiness with any kind of energy. But it can happen that by doing that the person is trying to give out the excessive energy.

More important conclusion is that it’s vitally important to know how to manage your own attention as it’s the one through which we are under control and intensively working with the energies surrounding us. In some way the awareness is the work with your own attention. Not by 100% certainly, but I personally think that work with the attention is about 60% from the whole task of awareness.

The sad conclusion is that people can’t properly work with the attention… and maybe due to that a lot of us are having problems with energy. With the lack of it to be exact. I believe it’s much easier to establish the resonance with a kind of energy than to focus competently your attention on it and to keep it for the definite time. I consider these skills are absolutely necessary for esoteric person.

The accompanying conclusion is that we attract in our life all that we are focus our attention on not that we want or afraid of. Naturally the thought isn’t that new, anyway it complies with the topic perfectly.