I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Oleg and I’ve been studying Esoteric and Psychology since 1998.

You can be sure It haven't been the waste of time. 


So I decided to share my experience, practice output and information I owed 

I do hope my website will bring you some useful, interesting or new facts.

And I appreciate your comments here or asking me any questions you are concerned with.

Given here materials are approved by my own experience including the definite part of the information and all the methodics verified by other people as far as I treat my words with complete resposibility.

I've got the kind of “half -economist, half -mathematician” degree as graduated from the economic cybernetics department which influenced me.


When using nearly economical data in my texts on the one hand and at the same time trying to systematize and logically form up the published info.

Indeed that doesn't mean I rely on logic only, to be exact I have chosen the most logically way of presenting my info for your convenience.

Moreover I distinguish “logic” and “common sense” definitions and if I use logic as it is appropriate and suitable so I am supported by the common sense at any time.

Would like to mention I had been working some time at the Esoteric and Psychological Literature store and had the opportunity to read quite a lot of books to become casually aware of different schools and trends in esoteric and psychology.

I'd like to mention I worked for some time at the Esoteric and Psychological Literature store so I had a great opportunity to read quite a lot of books to get some ideas about different schools and trends in esoteric accidentally.

But don't think I limited myself by reading books only.

All these years I've been using different practices, and in general as I came to know them better I found myself deeply absorbed in bioenergetics, channeling, Feng-Shui, Taro cards, Tantra (so called the great Tantra which has no common with the sex practices) and Buddhism.

Having decided to develop myself in another direction I left channeling.

Though I'm still connected with all other practiced more or less. )

I consider myself as a karma-Kague line Buddhist.

I have been a seeing one for long period.


In the process I had contacts with a great deal of psychologists and esoteric specialists, coaches, guru, leading and practicing people as well.

By the way I dealt with them not just as a customer but as a colleague. 

I headed Feng- Shui course and the common self–development course (with Buddhism tendency). 

In particular I brought some people to open their vision.  As I didn’t like to earn money by this way I left tutoring practice. 

I don't mind of using my materials in non-profitable projects.

You are free to use my materials on conditions of giving link back to the printed sources.

I also appreciate the link back to the original texts of this website. 

In case of making some money using my materials you are obliged to contact me first.