If you want to write a comment

If you want to write a comment, I ask you to consider the following:

1. You must first register. Unregistered users do not have the possibility to leave a comment.

 2. Write from yourself. You are personally interesting to me, and I am friendly and will respect you as a person. Even if you disagree with me. Even if you somehow are good better than me. Especially if you are good at something better than me. 

 3. Write  based on your experience. That's how I am interested in you personally - this is exactly the same so I'm not interested what you read in a book or heard from someone else. Especially I do not care retellings views of some enlightened, the great gurus and other people that you have read for the authority. Well .... Maybe I wonder what he thinks of this or that about the Dalai Lama, Sai Baba, Ram Tzu or Ole Nydahl .... may be. But anyway, I beg you to write from your personal experiences. But what you - well-read man I believe in absentia and without evidence. 

 4. Do not try to argue with me, let alone organize with me a verbal brawl. I assure you - I'm very good at a variety of techniques forumnym wars and I do not like this process. To explain - g. Share something our own - will be glad to read your comment. 
Argue - do not.
For my part I do not deny ever. I - or explain or not explain (though I choose to do different forms), but I will not write about what I do not understand, and therefore the dispute in the pages of this site will in any case irrelevant.
Theoretically, I can be persuaded ... but this requires more than good arguments, and such arguments which have no relation to beliefs. I am tolerant of others' beliefs, but not going to join them.

5. Spam will be removed without warning. Spammers will also ban without warning.

 6. Please, I beg of you: try to stay within the literary language.