Subpersonality p.2

A little preface:

So, subpersonality present in our mind. Or not? Before I delve into this topic, I probably paying attention to this issue.

There is no subpersonality as a separate phenomenon. Subpersonality are part of human consciousness.

Previously, I used the following illustration: a strand of hair.

Imagine a girl with the long hair. Of course, she can braid her hair in a braid and then, say at the shoulders, we see the presence as though the individual strands and be able to distinguish where one ends and another begins strand.

But there is a girl her hair - where to disappear strands?

So subpersonality: from a certain point of view they exist, is easy to discern. But fundamentally people able to "dissolve the hair," to unite all subpersonality and their union and will order what is called the "whole person".

But while subpersonality as though I will continue to have a conversation about it subpersonalities until further without going into any of their merger process, nor in philosophizing there or not.

From another point of view and whether there is something besides subpersonalities?

So, to some degree of human development, he completely "consists" of subpersonality, and to distinguish anything other than subpersonalities in human is not possible. If more precisely, it is still in the mind of man is conditional separation, then all the parts are formed by subpersonality, and nothing but they do not seem ... At shoulder level, ie at normal state of consciousness. Above - yes: no boundaries, no separation of subpersonality. Below - also yes. But until he raised his level of awareness of personal and subpersonality higher level (or dropped below) - you can tell that he was entirely composed of subpersonalities. Perhaps this statement is not entirely true, but to draw your attention to the fact that they themselves subline - a convention. And it is precisely within this convention is the statement is true.

But I appeal to him because work in this area is useful. Ie somewhere like the chakras: chakras - this is also conventional, in fact it as a separate phenomenon does not exist. However, the work with this conditional is useful, and therefore it is quite possible to proceed from the fact that the chakras are.

However, before you get to working with subpersonality. I'm still a little text is devoted to their description.

As we live sublichnosti, the whole team. And like any team in their midst there are leaders, there is the Silent, is hysteria, there are islands of tranquility ... ie convenient to assume that "I" - is the same as the collective of different people.

And this team, too structured, temporarily united in the group. Ie on some matter 15 sublichnostey may be for, 8 - against and 2 abstentions After the vision they have different goals, vision methods also differ as a result of disagreement and disputes arise.

A person starts to argue with himself.

But not necessarily argue. Maybe just something to discuss, perhaps reflect a different perspective ... differently sometimes, and I am sure that each of us is familiar.

Here there is still some time here: subpersonality not the same in strength. Some subpersonality has at its disposal a lot of energy, some general crumbs, so that some subpersonality active tight, and others - are very rare. You can vividly describe it as something that in our internal team has a strong people, and there are weak, and therefore the decision is ultimately determined not to take people the democratic principle of "the majority held," but "who is stronger - that determines the rate." Therefore, it might be a situation where a person's behavior determines one sublichnost, and the remaining disagreement can not prevent this sublichnosti do some action.

Here the main problem is that the internal disputes and disagreements - this is almost the main drain of mental and astral energy of man as a whole.

Exactly as in a team: if the staff is united - that he is able to work together and achieve a result and, if team mired in internal conflicts - that a large part of the force is spent on infighting, and the actions of outside forces will not remain.

Thus, the relatively weak person can make many times more results than the relatively more powerful man, who spends his strength in the internal conflicts.

In our mind there is a mechanism that can automatically stop the internal conflict ... but it is not very good and is designed for emergency situations. The fact that the internal doubt - is one thing, but survival - it is a bit different, and therefore in extreme situations it will stop wasteful loss of energy and mobilize the energy of the body.

This mechanism - the horror. I had to write a "great fear", but the word "strong" too vague and therefore difficult to define what is "great fear", the horror - it is somehow understandable.

So, apart from our mind, we have another so-called "Solid intelligence", which can also wind up if he thinks that the situation is seriously threatening human life. To describe this phenomenon here I do not see any possibility, because it is a separate and large topic. But the fact remains that the fear of corporal mind leads to that person's consciousness "falls" below the personal level, a person temporarily assumes the integrity and terminate unproductive loss of energy until the flesh mind does not cease to be afraid. I think that the vast majority of people had a similar experience. In this state man as though he were not thinking. Ie Of course, he thinks, but an extreme situation left him no time for internal chatter sublichnosti silent and he poluinstinktivno (or completely instinctively) is doing something.

But in the mechanism is not much useful can be learned. Yes, there are esoteric and psychological practices that deliberately frighten flesh mind is for a man to feel his integrity. Same tanato-therapy, for example.
BUT! but to scare itself - a destructive thing, and decrease awareness of most of Tradition considers advisable to. In addition, a passion for this kind of practice contributes to the development adrenalinozavisimosti, but with my IMHO is a form of addiction. In general I do not like this method, but it exists in some circumstances may seem to bring a man advantage when it competently, "point" to use.

I think it is like a scalpel: there are problems which are effectively solved by surgical intervention, but do not think it is worth trying a scalpel to solve all problems with health.

So I give preference to those methods which are aimed at increasing awareness, in particular, increase to a level when a man rises above the personal level. In this case, sublichnosti too silent, but there is no fear or adrenaline. And although this is a fundamentally harder but contributes to the development of other utilities.

However, so far back again to the description Subpersonalities. There is another significant factor.

So, as I have previously written image, the style of human behavior in a role is determined not only representations of the individual, but also the society regarding this particular role. In practical application, this means that some subpersonalities have links with relevant egregormi.

Moreover,  Subpersonalities this is the mechanism by which the connection between human and egregore.

And in this moment could also be present problem: through subpersonalities Egregore can adjust not only the behavior but also humab's point of view, especially if the person himself wants to enter deeply into Egregore. I think that someone of you noticed how the behavior and mindset of people when it starts and continues to make a career. I've got a friend ... former friend went to customs and started to make a career. Just a year later his world very seriously changed, and that, moreover, that he started to work already being on an adult (about 26 years), and being a not stupid man. I think the details are irrelevant here, but I was really impressed by the scale of these changes.

Yes, you can analyze these changes and other points of view, but it was with subpersonalities this is a shining example of what one subpersonality started to grow, fueled both by human energy and energy egregor and as a result has become a leading and very strong subpersonality, strong enough to dictate to the rest of subpersonalities a will.

Although the phenomenon is not rare. Probably each of us can remember a man who is a "war to the Bone", "cop forever", etc. etc.

Ie thought-form became more dense, has already started, as it were itself to pull the energy of the chakras rights and put into his chakra is as though his energy (and information) from a partner has become a master. One could say that this is very similar to an obsession .... He is not quite an obsession. Under the obsession is usually understood to introduction of foreign entities, and sublichnost - is part of the man himself. But on the whole very similar.

This is not an obsession egregor because this action of the individual, the manifestation of freedom of human will, and Egregore is not an aggressive side in this relationship.

(Sometimes there are cases when trying to cool the ardor Egregore overly zealous person).

But it is rather a pathology rather than the norm, and most of sublichnosti do not have this much power over man, as a team most of its members do not control the whole team. Most agree, co-operating ... certainly happens in different ways, but people also happen in different ways, so that the analogy with a team of different people seems to me appropriate.

Now, actually on the leading and active sublichnostyah. Here there are a couple of points.

Some subpersonalities, as I said, more powerful than others. Man, for example, often plays some role than others and thus their energy is pouring into one subpersonality more than others - this will lead subpersonality... or the one leading subpersonality - in this case the person probably would take it to your self.

In certain situations relevant to the use of some other subpersonality, say well suited for this situation. For example, in the process of driving a car (well, apparently similar situations - driving a motorcycle or tractor) will be more appropriate subpersonality "driver" at the time of the scandal may be more relevant to use subpersonality "hysterical", etc. etc.

This is example of active subpersonalities.

I should note: it would seem in the scandal subpersonality "hysterical" is not the most sensible choice .... but who spoke about the wisdom?

A person does not choose subpersonality consciously. Subpersonality soon itself be activated so that the person to show some energy, which it considers to be its subpersonality.

Ie is the following chain: the situation - human reaction -> activation of some energy -> associating energy with subpersonality -> activation of subpersonality. (It's - about the scheme, the rigorous accuracy not pretend).

Ie more active is not the subpersonality that would fit well, but that which is customary in such situations.