Working with the body: the spine column

Spine - is all for us! :) 

A very large number of people have problems with the spine, ie scoliosis of varying degrees. Ypu can live with it, of course,  but Sushumna, Ida and Pingala (the main energy channels of human) - is not working at 100%. And worse than a man with a backbone - the worse the working energy channels. Unfortunately, I do not know technology as a self-clean curvature of spine, so my advice would be only one: first go to the manual therapist, and only then begin to engage in self-development.

Even if the goal is not to gain some heights in yoga or other practices of power - still bring the spine into a healthy state should be for everyone. This information is completed some post, and the only thing that I can add - this is my observation and their pugalki:)

I have no idea why, but if the spine is deformed significantly, the channels in the human body are felt the most unimaginable way.
Bend committed odd way, it is not clear that it is not clear from the link ... shorter than a whorehouse full.
In theory, everything is clear: if the energy can not normally flow through the meridian, and is organized so-called "Magic" meridian and body receives nourishment through it. In practice, due to an unhealthy curvature of the spine (vertebrae in the normal state still has a normal curvature) is sometimes unclear how all people live - it simply must be sick.

Well ... as a result is what happens: sooner or later the body of malnutrition "fade", worse functioning and ultimately ill. And to treat such diseases is not easy. Curvature of the spine can also lead to "shrinkage" of limbs. I have personally seen a case when a woman because of that 2 fingers on the hand "without cause" lost sensitivity and partially immobilised.
But even if the spine is curved not much - then it will still be treated. All that matters is this: for regular seats static meditation needed level of spin. I checked it on myself hundreds of times, and watched other people: back straight - meditation goes well. The back curve - meditation is not.
And if scoliosis - a person does not spin is aligned. I.e. went up, straightened - and after a time I see that back again curve. Well, the result of meditation is low. And vice versa: a person with a healthy back quickly learns where it has the correct (ie, smooth and vertical) position of the back, and then sitting upright with absolutely no effort, well and meditation are much more successful. (Observed in various meditation).

So now that this seemingly small change well means a lot! I even venture to say that the condition of the spine - it is in esoteric - it is very difficult to overestimate.
And, of course, the more serious meditation you are trying to do - so you need a vertical spine, the greater the need for a healthy spine.

I wish to notice that the curvature of the spine in adults is directly linked to some long-term  muscle clips.
It follows from this that need and to visit a chiropractor and solve the problem with the muscles - in this case, you remove a substantial part of the obstacles in the initial stages of self-development.
And not in the initial well. And vice versa: not solving the problem with the spine and muscle clips, IMHO, above average to develop themselves is impossible.
If static meditation in scoliosis is somehow possible to do (although at times difficult), then the dynamic meditation with the curve back - this is for me something above a fantasy level.
Well, or self-deception, which is mainly non-specialists with curved backs and going.

Therefore, I repeat once again: go to the manual physician right now - you will also be much better.