"Body-oriented esoteric"

In this area I am not an expert. I have never purposefully did not learn this, but I could not avoid this theme. Therefore, in the field of bodywork I - normal esoteric, without a bag of tricks or secret knowledge.

But work with his own body - is important. No less important than working with other facets of man.

So, I hope this series of articles will be useful to people who start out esoteric, and yet just does not get the barriers to self, facing me. Or may be reached, but still not understood.

I'm writing it for one purpose: to share their own experiences.
Well, quite small theoretical justifications for the course of the exposition.

«Nikakashechkas[1] », or the tale that not all yogas are equally useful.


(1) Nikakashechka - something that is pointless and gives no results.


«Not all that glitters is gold» - I think everyone knows this expression.

Goodsaying. It can be applied in any sphere of life, including the field of self-development.


In my previous article I told that I would prove the inefficiency of Integral yoga as a mean of self-development (well, or so-called “spiritual development”). Thus, I’llstartwithit.



How many times I had heard this phrase…

And also “the categoricalness is the attribute of the narrow-mindedness”…or something like that.  And it has always made me protest (even if this phrase wasn’t appealing to me)

And after I became the mathematician…I got acquainted with the theory of the fuzzy numbers and the fuzzy set. With the optimization methods…and there can be really the correct (probable) answers like “the task solution is between the 3, 348 and 3, 349” or “the variable within the range from 2 to 3 meets the conditions of the task”.



There is no consolidated
opinion of this matter among novice esotericians, novice psychologists as well
as teenagers: some of them consider that a person
has personal freedom, some of them believe that he does not possess and cannot
possess it at all... As for those who are older  or more experience do not chatter about it.

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