Working with the body: muscles

To begin with, that I think the 2 nd in order of importance, but the 1-m by relevance. So:

  1. Muscles must be
  2. Muscles must be flexible.

 I have met several times the beginner's view:  our mind - is all of us, and a pile of muscles  is unnecessary and almost harmful. Yes, our mind - is everything to us, but muscules is so closely linked with the physiology, and without the work with the muscles full self-impruvement is impossible.
I have explanation.

Muscle blocks / clips.

Clips of consciousness leads to the terminals in the body, ie muscles. Clips in the muscles leads to the terminals in the mind. 
Contact direct and bilateral. At the terminals in the muscles, the posture that these clips can be formed even with a high degree of probability to assume what problems are contained in the mind. If a person often is in fear and anxiety - it's just still imprinted in his body and in his posture, gait, facial expressionl. And how would he not say that overcame all their fears .... The body is not lying. If fears overcome - the relevant muscles decompressed. Ie body - is also a way to check yourself for self-deception.
But not only fears. Some emotional states similarly are imprinted in our muscles.
But since the link direct and two-way - you can work through the body!
Yes, of course, one only work with the body of fear, anxiety and other biases can not be improved, but you can very tangibly help themselves. Conversely, ignoring the clips in the body to explore these biases significantly more difficult.

 There is a view of the following: is possible and useful to purposefully relax clenched muscles, and this will weaken the tension in the mind. You can use a massage. You can use a hot bath or sauna. You can use the volitional relaxation. IMHO, better to combine all of this approaches. If you train your muscular system - that requires regular exercise for flexibility and mobility, and this is also perfectly consistent with massages, hydrotherapy and relaxation.

I draw your attention to one essential point: the relaxation should be deep.
I'm not an expert on physiology, but was convinced that the muscles - they seemed to dual layer. Forgive me, specialists in such a rough description, but nonetheless: it happens that a person sincerely believes that for example the hand completely relaxed and relaxed on the fact only the superficial layer of muscles - deep in the muscle tension remains. Yes, it does not cramp, but ... but this is not relaxation.
If a person has a long-term muscle clip - it does not mean that the muscle is always tight at full strength. This means that it remains constant slight tension. A weak - but the constant (probably can be strong, but I never met with such). And if this small tension deep - people may well ignore that, and assume that the muscle is totally relaxed: in fact their minds are accustomed to this state of affairs, and for the person it is as though the norm.
Nevertheless, even such intangibles clips gradually but constantly promote. Trapped consciousness, and indulge their need to necessarily. In addition, these clips impede the normal current of energy in the human body, the meridians do not work very well (remember acupuncture?), And it is gradually contributing to the deterioration of health.

In general: muscle man clip harmful. And work with them need.
And during the deepening of a string of self-improvement - is a must.
Muscle mass is also an important point: muscle mass should not be too large (too much muscle prevents elasticity) but it should be. Psychologist can afford to do without muscles, but the esoteric - not. We is different bodies, and including and air. As we quiet the mind and work with their emotions - muscle mass is not particularly important, since in fact we do not need large amounts of energy. But when we move from static to dynamic meditation "suddenly" is that they require energy. Where do I take? Yes, in principle, be in the Rays, but up to this level (conscious energy gain from the Rays) have to grow yet. And so our supply of energy from the etheric body is very useful ... if it is.
A lot of muscles = a lot of energy in the etheric body, a little muscle - and the energy a little. Of course, a physically weak man still has etheric body, but to pick up energy from the thin air of the body - not worth it, because yet she needed to sustain life in the organs of the body. Another thing when the muscles are developed. I do not really understand why, but my perception of it is muscle tissue in addition produce a lot of power, which can be used. More precisely - the muscles and breathing, but breathing on I will write separately.
So, if the muscles are well developed and flexible - this is very serious help. But conversely, if the muscles are underdeveloped and / or inelastic - it is a trouble.
The cells of other body systems for an unknown reason do not give such an influx of power. Well, of course, well-developed muscular system strengthens the health of the body: a lot of energy = good energy food to body - what do they hurt? ... Of course there are reasons and good reasons for disease, but in general, people with muscular significantly easier to maintain your health.


Physical body is inextricably linked with all other bodies, rights, and ignore the development and condition of his body - a great deception.
The body must be healthy, and competent work with the muscular system helps a lot in this matter. Muscle clamps - this is a problem. Moreover, relatively easily solvable problem. A well-developed muscles - this is a serious help in a much more serious practices.

As the theme for me self-evident, then I have nothing more to write, but if you have any questions or comments - so please comment on.