If there is no rain

If there is
no rain the Christians caused that. I don’t know exactly whether this saying
really existed in the Ancient Rome but as far as I am aware of the people I can
believe it did exist.

And after
all the witches were guilty. Then masons, then kike-masons and just Jewish
people. German, Arabic, Russian, mafia, communists, cosmopolite and the world’s
terrorism… and the list of who are guilty could be continued.

It seems a
homo sapiens has the usual hankering to find the outrageous person and lay the blame for on him… But is everything that simple?

Long time
ago I had written the issue about seeing (now this issue is lost). It finished
with the words “if that what u see or don’t see u like or don’t like it means u
can see not everything or u can see that doesn’t exist”. I remembered this
extract very well as the piece of it “u can see that doesn’t exist” I had
written later and I even do remember why I had written it… but it doesn’t
matter now. It was the special issue for the beginners seeing and it important
here. But my note here is relevant.  But
one more hairpin turning first.

I think
everybody knows that we have such thing as Egregore (just some outside powers
actually) and that they can be very different. They can be pleasant and they
can be not that nice. And if the Power treats people nicely there is no need to
hide it. But if its intentions are far from the widespread acceptable moral
standards than there is no sense for it to be known widely. On the contrary
there is a need for this power to be hided or disguised, when pretending itself
white and fluffy it is easier to expand for a lot of people and to milk them
longer is possible. Then will be reasonable to change the outdoor sign and to
attract the people in another way…and it may live long time like that. But
that’s a disaster as every time the eggheads appear trying to dig. They will
try to find out the reality of what had really happened and detect all those
who are hiding behind the cover.
And it is
reasonable to give them the truthful scheme in which the basic moments were
managed and to form the “vector of the further movement” not giving any chance
to those eggheads to feel bored.

Also it is
said in the Bible “to
him who knocks may it be opened” and it really will be
opened.  The question is that what will
be given either the truth or something close to the truth. As the seeker is
searching because he doesn’t know what has been hiding behind the cover it is
enough for him to give the answer he will be satisfied with and believe in and
everything is ok.

If there is
no running water it means somebody did wrong. Either in The Housing Department
was made a mistake or the drunk plumber has cut the wrong pipe or something
else… but why people should know about all that? Let it be better Jewish who
are guilty.

And now the
people are being presented that doesn’t exist at all. Nice, lovely…lovely is
necessary as it is a pleasure to believe in lovely things. It is not completely
in the public eye (anyway it is the secret revealing and it is not worse to be
published in the newspapers) but they should be fast to catch by the person.
And the most important is that the human could understand that answer easily.

Because if
he feels the difficulty in knowing that there is a chance he will not believe
and go somewhere to search for something else to believe in…but why? Let he
believe in what he is being proposed.

And that’s
The human
was searching for something and the human has found it. The human has applied a
little effort and he got an answer and all is unbelievable.

If to be
more exact the whole line of the different answers is being proposed for the
human in question he is interested in (in different places) so both  the schizophrenic could find something for
himself and paranoid personality for himself accordingly… as people are
different. Due to that they are proposed the different answers demonstrating
the marketing principles are suitable.

As a result
all those wacky trials to dig out the truth are continued only by some
individuals. And if they are able to clear out all that without any help that
isn’t that horrible. What is the sense of one voice when thousands think
differently? The choir always shuts down the solo.

And what is
marked by the same methods is used in politics (political technologists), and
on the scout/secret service (misinformation), and in trading… Almost everywhere
there is an intention to hide something the natural though comes to protect it
with the cover. And it is better to hide it by two covers.

But let’s
leave the expiry date changing on the sausages as we are esoteric people and
should be concentrated on the highly spiritual things.

everything is much more cunning in the highly spiritual spheres. And if to be
exact in the nearly esoteric business.

Jesus had told “wherefore by their fruits you shall know them”.

He was
speaking about the tree but also about the other things. Which means the
question about the results arises. It is not enough to define that all the
troubles of the person is because he was put the evil eye on by the neighbor,
it is important to make the hoodoo was killed and it was the powerful result of
it. We are not speaking about $100 to be paid to healer but to make the person
feel easier…

And here
the whole two principles start working!
First is
the placebo effect. Belief is the great thing and if the patient believes he
was given the superb medicine the efficiency of this treatment will be
approximately 52 %. Which means 52 persons out of 100 will be healed. Here we
have both psychosomatics and hided body’s abilities…and that is not that
important. Belief can cure using even such the tricky way.
But that is
not all. I had read once about the case when even the doctor hadn’t had known
he gave placebo to the patient and the efficiency of such treatment raised up
to 70%! That is almost the level of the real medicines which include the active
ingredients. As we see the shared belief is twice efficient.

principle is to “steal first and then give back and get the deserved reward”
for that was being found. It is possible to gain on gradually a lot of problems
and after to solve them yourself…and it is possible even not to solve them
because sometimes it is enough to stop stirring up the troubles and that is
more suitable for the more long-term groups.

And if
these two principles are to be combined…

By the way
misinformers have other techniques. So some pharmaceutical giants discover the
new medicines at first and after they think out the decease… there wasn’t a
problem actually but it was imagined, forced to believe in its existence, and
after they pretended it was cured. The person is healthy again but without the
definite amount of money in his pocket. The same is in esoteric as it is not a
problem to make person be sure in his trouble and after to solve this problem
And of
course there is an opportunity every time 
to cure it stealthily but show that as proof of efficiency of the given
methodic; for instance if in water which “was being drawn for 33 years in full
moon” some aspirin add it will cure your headache anyway. But it will cost you
a bit more expensive than in a drug store.
Also there
is a very positive feature in this approach – as you can assure person to have
treatment only with you as the most effective one…and that is the nice
perspective to provide the regular customers (and also the regular profit). The
same to the Esoteric applicable.
The Jehovah Witnesses as they really
helped people as well… when the exhausted by the loneliness person comes to
them, they accept him, treat him friendly almost like being relatives and it is
naturally he feels himself nice in this group and even better than anywhere!
And when he is influenced by that they are engaging him into their church
explaining it is the right and correct place – he looks and yes it is really
the nice and correct place and his life really has improved and has become
So the
misformers have lots of options. And there are more misinformers than needed in
the sphere of food stuff and in other spheres of life and naturally in the
sphere of high energies.
It is very
hard to define who is who.
But it is