"Sutra of the cow."

It's small, and formally describes the fact that when a cow is on the mountain, it makes a small but sure steps. In the same way a person can do little but let the firm moves towards its goal.

Yes, very much of peoples want to - oop! - And be in the destination. But if you think about it - then what's the point? Well, that is, Yes, get what you want - that's great, but what will be the next step? Grip I was taken on the turn if I were there unreasonably fast? The opposite approach - it is a sure thing. Not so fast (though without delay), but - surely. If my firm took a step - it from the category "I've been there" becomes part of my base, my foundation. And then I can already at this small step, without fear of build.

If you managed to enter into meditation - it is not much of a accomplishment. Well ... it happened. And another time might not succeed. Another thing if I really have mastered meditation. Yes, instead of the 5 sessions spent on the development of 50 - seems to be too long - but I can calm the mind, not only in ideal conditions (eg in a quiet place in a comfortable position under the appropriate music) and generally wenever. In the street noise in the weaving shop ... yes anywhere. I firmly made this step, did not disperse efforts - and this is a good foundation for next steps. After all, meditation - it is also management skill own consciousness, which means that to manage such emotions I do not make any difficulty at any time I like to see what really motivates me: common sense or a stereotype, a feeling or emotion is crazy, sober glance on real or belief.

Of course, one of the skill of meditation is a little, but with such a foundation to me is much easier to learn a new level. And if I'm just a couple of times "fly" in meditation? Then what? Just nothing. A bit of fun and useless.

Read more: losing control of the discipline of mind and losing control of emotions, I managed just like any other people, some solutions will take a spur of the moment, to make mistakes and as a consequence of receiving the consequences of their jambs. And if I do not hurry - if my skills are actually developed, if I own this tool in any situation (ie, both were in hysterics as well) - then I can proceed to the next step, and another the next, and more .... Slowly, slowly - but attain their goal.

Yes, emotions can work for another - I wrote about it in the article «Working with emotions» (not translated yet), but nevertheless there is a difference between "be able to work with emotions "and" able to work with emotions in any situation. "

Thus "cow" is slowly but steadily. Without the sharp ups and no downs.

This strategy ensures that all your accomplishments do not fade away like smoke - they will become your reliable support = part of you and you will always remain the same.

P.S. Not quite in a topic, but ... 

Many people are interested in the esoteric. Many times people have asked me "but you esoteric interested in?". For some time I began to answer this question "no."

I am not interested esoteric. The knowledge and skills that can be called esoteric firmly in me = I solder them live. And I am somewhat sorry for those people who maybe know more than me, and gave more practice - but are still "interested". Their life changes - cosmetic, and they do not have that support that I have.

I think that this is because I follow the "Sutra of the cow."