I’d like to introduce myself – my name is Oleg and I’ve been studying Esoteric and Psychology since 1998.

You can be sure It haven't been the waste of time. 


So I decided to share my experience, practice output and information I owed 

I do hope my website will bring you some useful, interesting or new facts.

And I appreciate your comments here or asking me any questions you are concerned with.

Articles about various themes

I have a little bit of articles about various themes, and I d'not know how to categorize it. Some of them are linked to self-impruvement, some of them - not linked :) So I decided to publish part of it in a blog, and partially - in this section. And if a little more specific - that here I will publish those articles that I personally like more than others:) So, I propose to your attention ...

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If you want to write a comment, I ask you to consider the following:

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 2. Write from yourself. You are personally interesting to me, and I am friendly and will respect you as a person. Even if you disagree with me. Even if you somehow are good better than me. Especially if you are good at something better than me. 

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Is adrenalin a drug?

adrenalin isn’t an addicting drug J Adrenalin is a kind of a substance
which is being produced in our body whether it is possible to call it a drug?
;) This issue isn’t that easy it could appear for the first sight.

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