"Body-oriented esoteric"

In this area I am not an expert. I have never purposefully did not learn this, but I could not avoid this theme. Therefore, in the field of bodywork I - normal esoteric, without a bag of tricks or secret knowledge.

But work with his own body - is important. No less important than working with other facets of man.

So, I hope this series of articles will be useful to people who start out esoteric, and yet just does not get the barriers to self, facing me. Or may be reached, but still not understood.

I'm writing it for one purpose: to share their own experiences.
Well, quite small theoretical justifications for the course of the exposition.

Moreover, in this area - I figured out pretty mediocre.

The scope of my interests was mostly "understand something",  may be more focused on mental work.

Here's the thing: the problems on the physical plane can be ignored only to a certain limit, then they are simply still an insuperable barrier (unless you previously did not care about removing these barriers).

So again, I was forced to work with the body - to keep the work what  I do is interesting.

Well, in the process started to open yet rather amusing moments, which I will also describe, with the gain of this series.

And I repeat: in this area I do not consider myself an expert, so I will be especially grateful for the comments on the topic from those people who understand these issues better than I.