Psychological defence with elements of Buddhism

Life is such that sometimes, occasionally it happens moments when other people have loaded. On topic esoteric or civilian - not important. 

And in the ranks of the people doing the imposition us your ideas / emotions / states there are also some very skilled citizens. 

On the other hand, there are many recipes on how to protect their own ears with strange noodles and your own emotions from hostile inclinations ... and now I add another prescription (generally based on the ideas of the previous post). 

So, the situation: you and another person. Another person you are trying to load. To be really quite simply assume that this is a literate preacher, knows the subject of what you read, he has wide experience TS "ohmureniya" citizens. To look at all difficult to suppose that man - literate psycho, knows how the human ego as a hole-in vulnerability of the ego to use for some of its objectives. 

It would seem that the ordinary man against professional psychotechnique no chance ... but all in order, 

Yes, indeed the ordinary man in a rather lengthy conversation rather unlikely not to succumb to the tricks pro - and the key point here is "give in". No way to put the thought in mind of another person (in your too) - you can only take it to the desired state, and it was then already ... hypnosis, drugs, violence - yes, very powerful techniques. I can send a man into such a state that forces his defense is not enough to stay "with their" ... but not so complex cases are very rare, and we return to our hypothetical psycho in a situation where he can not use any drugs, no torture, no deep hypnosis . But shallow trance - can and tries (he, incidentally, can be pointed and through the internet). 

So, first I'll write what is the basis literate conviction: intelligent combination of effects on emotions, ideas, critical evaluation of incoming information, a person, his general condition ( "a perfect lie, remember, is not it?), Nor at his will (where do without it). By the way drugs are cut down will and ability to critically evaluate the input signals, "vnushatelny" hypnosis is a critical analysis of lulls, torture .. mm .... I myself have never tried one, but I believe that torture torturer establishes a negative conditioned reflex to resist, that is introducing a solid mind set "to resist - very painful."

By and large impact on the emotions, too, is aimed at undermining your ability to critically consider the incoming signals - your ability to see them clearly.

Total obtain simplified ohmureniya: remove the critical resistance of human imposed ideas - to impose their ideas.

It's been lingering proverb turn sobsno to сабжу - what to do ohmuryaemomu man. For simplicity, I will continue to write first-person.

When I loaded me the following objectives: to keep a sober mind and maintain a calm emotional state (otherwise the mind will not sober), and is already on this foundation to prevent ohmureniya themselves.

Ie me is much more straightforward than before psycho-techniques, and so I have all the chances to stay with their own.

What do I need?

First - do not argue. For the literate dispute I have to know the subject's time at the level of the interlocutor. Also far - it is almost always emotional - I'm losing my sobriety.

Well - sobsno something to aspire to a person imposing the dispute - in the dispute, I'll give him information about its logic, its worldview - ie he handed him ohmureniya trumps for me.

Yes, yes - exactly. New users are drawing me into an argument to knock out a stable emotional state, but the pros - just to clarify my arguments, and they also use to achieve their goals.

Understood even in the book sellers are commanded to "catch the customer to say" - so much easier to impose on the person buying.

Secondly - do not criticize (even within themselves), this information! Yes, it sounds almost paradoxical, but I'll explain what's what. Criticism - detailed analysis and evaluation of the signals, but just as part of the evaluation I do not have enough knowledge and expertise to evaluate information competently. Ie here lies the very serious hole-vulnerability of my ego - a passion all assessed. And psycho-she enjoyed so much as they can.

Reject all completely - the same option, but generally speaking the rejection of joke harmful, requires effort and also partly reduced to the evaluation. And do not forget that there are special ways of persuasion. Sent it to the person who rejects all.

So - to take. But to pick up and eat - are two big differences.

Once again: I need to stay calm, do not argue, do not criticize the information received, a sober look at her ... and all this in a context where I engaged a professional:)

To accomplish all these tasks, IMHO easier to use the Buddhist approach "testimony".

Ie I - carefully researching the opinion of another person, carefully listening to what he says. But is not my purpose to agree with him or disagree - to clarify his point of view. Right or wrong - does not bother me at all, do not look at his words and to himself. And his words - it is so ... small part of it. I carefully examine his goal - he's not just me loads so! And his words - is a tool with which he tells me what he really wants from me.

I - not evaluated neither his words nor his goal - I have not carefully looked at. Even the state not quite clear to me the questions in his speech.

What makes this approach? If done correctly (ie, when neither emotion nor the critics in my head does not arise), I get to psychotechnique invulnerable, and here's why: I did not include his critical assessment of his words, so that the hole in ego can not be used by them. I do not turn on the emotions - do not lose my sobriety. I will not argue with him - and he can not argue with me. I do not give him his ideas - and he had nothing to change. And I do not oppose his will - he can not overcome me. In fact, I do not give him any clues - that's what I'm greedy:)

Of course, I frequently used this approach in practice. And against literate "preachers", and against novices. ... According to the result of newcomers are angry and scold, "You is closed for new", and remark, "Well why not? I have listened very carefully to evoke a burst of emotion from them:) more literate friends or terminate ohmurenie or smile ... and stop ohmurenie:).

Profi and pros because they see where the continuation of their course meaningless.