Is adrenalin a drug?

adrenalin isn’t an addicting drug J Adrenalin is a kind of a substance
which is being produced in our body whether it is possible to call it a drug?
;) This issue isn’t that easy it could appear for the first sight.
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Is LSD a
drug? Yes, LSD appears to be the forbidden drug which reminds mescaline by its
formula (the same mescaline could be found in
fly agaric so called “voodoos mushrooms”) and mescaline is close to the
substance produced by our body (I can’t remember the exact name of it now). At
any rate LSD doesn’t lead to the physical dependence anyway it is considered to be a drug by creating the very strong one like
mescaline does and also like…does. Just guess what.
right we can turn our body into the factory to produce not so much dangerous
dope. As far as I remember such like substances are worked out when the pain
lowering is needed (sending regards to masochists). And also some meditations
can bring us the same result.
By the way
do you remember that LSD is a mindbender? And it encourages the bright delusions…visuals…we call them “gluk” in Russian and the word “Glük” in German sounds the same with the
meaning “happiness”.


So let’s
terminate the LSD topic as I wanted to write about the adrenalin.
So let’s
get back to it.
What does
it do? It stimulates the nervous system when in small quantities and its excess
exhausts nervous system completely to the state of catatonia.  In fact two substances are being produced –
adrenalin and noradrenalin and their proportion defines whether the person will
be excited or retardate, anyway that topic should be discussed with the
biochemists not with me J
nervous system is excited and the feelings
become brighter, richer, the nerves become “naked” and if the person is having
something nice and pleasant in his life adrenalin will intensify that. The more adrenalin the brighter feelings are produced.

Let’s go
further, imagine the person has bailed out.
First he was scared – his body was afraid
of the downfall and at the remains - the outbreak of adrenalin, the parachute was
opened, then buzz came!  The beauty was
all around – just brilliant! To look at the photos, to watch from the plane’s
trap-door is picturesque but not that good. Amazing but not the same.
And it’s
not the same as the person’s state is different i.e. without adrenalin. The
picture can be the same but that is something like the joke told to the sober
person and to the intoxicated one when they are laughing in a different way.
It gets worse and worse as it goes on. Adrenalin stimulates libido a
little bit. And having sex after the intense risk or adventure multiplied with
the “naked nerves”… I think it is clear what follows.
But every booster
has its consequences i.e. temporary lowering of that was risen by the booster.
At first
adrenalin has risen the tone, intensified the fancy to life and after we can
observe the lack of adrenalin leading to downfall much lower.  After the nerves become not so sensible the
person stuck into the slowdown.
And what
can a person see in his experiment?
Risk, kaif,
the sparkling life…from the one hand.
But from
the other hand the life is dull, unpalatable, faded.
conclusion can be made of it? Right that life should be put out completely filled
with risk and working out adrenalin.
And after
someone came to that conclusion when he feels adrenalin being produced in his
body and he lives full life only when the special chemical substance circulates
in his blood here the question arises whether he can be considered a drug
taker? No, of course not as he didn’t use drugs, swallow or snort anything.
But who is
he then? He is an adrenalin addicted person.
I don’t
think it’s hard to guess what happens next as to get more and more adrenalin a person needs to raise the risk level so
the climbing without belay, fast speed bike-riding down the hill later without
brakes at all, diving off the bridge using the
rubber string almost touching the rocks with his nose are becoming usual and by
doing that a pesron rises the risk level for the sake of adrenalin.  And he does that not because of making
something good, useful or kind-hearted or struggling for a good idea but just
as a result of nervous system slowdown and because his life is dull.
As a consequence
the nervous system is wearing out much faster than it would be. And all the
rest organs are destroying drastically as they are also under the poisoned
influence of adrenalin.
Let me bring here
some facts of my personal experience concerning my last job when I had to drive
really a lot around the area i.e. highways, the heavy traffic, the bad chemise, not extreme but a lot of tension. The adrenalin produced in little
doses and after I noticed   when having
spent approximately 5 and over hours driving I needed at least half an hour to
relax a little bit.  Back then I called
that adrenalin intoxication and I think I instinctively guessed that. I used to
have not a bad car in an almost perfect condition and I wasn’t concerned with
the hot rodding

and despite the necessity to drive fast the tiredness caused
by driving wasn’t that much.

But I used
to have the stress. And after the heavy traffic situation sometimes I needed
almost an hour reverting to the previous relaxed condition.
My body
didn’t accept that and it was perceived as intoxication.
But drug
taker’s body doesn’t like the withdrawals

as well…

like that.


 Oleg, your English is so

 Oleg, your English is so good, I missed for that since my study in the university!)))
What's a pleasure to train English in such interesting subject as esoterics!