Work with Ego

Perhaps I will write a series of posts about optimizing that part of our psyche, which I called the "Ego".

But - first ton official warning:) Write this articles I'll be for one reason: not everything in everyday life tend to enlightenment.
For those goals that I personally think sensible all subsequent section is not needed.

General. Absolutely. But it's my opinion. And you, my dear readers, some techniques may well be useful.
But please consider the following: the approach to be outlined in this section does not reduce your illusions and / or delusions, but they may well be somewhat different structure. A well-structured illusion / delusion destroyed more difficult (and painful) than less aligned, and thus I can not indirectly cause you harm.
However, I will try to minimize this potential damage, and besides, you also share the responsibility lies:)
So let's hope that the cumulative effect of a series of posts will be constructive. Of course you see above is meaningful only in the case of my posts, in practice, from "just read" does not harm nor benefit.