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Subpersonalities were fashionable topic few years ago ... Well, at least briefly.
Now I hardly ever meet mention of them. However, work in this direction although it is not mandatory, but may nonetheless benefit.
First a little theory. What is a kind of beast? Where they come from?
Strictly speaking Subpersonality - a semi-permanent thought forms, characterized by high "heavy", and having the features of individual entities. In oother words: in the mind of human live a few notions about himself: "I am - an engineer," "I am a husband," "I am a father," "I am a heterosexual," "I am a hunter", etc. ....
How a human identify himself.
Such concepts - it is also certain social roles, in some measure the very mask that a person carries. So when people say, fishing and feels like a fisherman - he behaves in some particular way, relevant to his conception of the fishermen. In addition, it is also a social role (even if his mini-social environment - it is 3 other fisherman, sitting beside him) and his "I am a Fisherman" correlated with perceptions of other people of the fishermen.
"Align" is sometimes "adjusted", and sometimes not ... but in general the views of other people present. But the point is that these roles man wins back a long time ... several years or several decades, and perhaps life. Such a role - truly in-depth, and she, inter alia, as though the person dictating the point of view, maybe even a complex world, and always - the emotional reactions to those or other phenomena.

Ie You can say that this role is personality traits: has his point of view, their attitude towards life in general and to some manifestations of life in particular, its purpose and understanding of the methods of achieving those goals. However, because this is not the whole man but only to his role - then this role is not a person, and apparently so called Subpersonality.
On the other hand, this thought-form emotionally rich. As a result, it gain in "weight", ie from the mental plane plunges into the astral (emotional) plan, and plunges well so reliable:)
Accordingly, people thought form that nourishes not only your mental energy, but the astral.
BUT! It's not the usual thought-form, this thought-form associated with the identification of "I".
Ie people form a kind of a figure of himself, Subpersonality formed as a reflection of the man himself with all the chakras, nadis and so on, away, away. From his astral body fertilizes this figure the energies directly from the chakras, and the result is a mental-astral phenomenon with chakras (energy saturated alive), the channels .... Well, in general, almost like the man seems himself.
Although there are some differences: Assuming the role does not involve some sort of creative work - that their man will saturate vishudha Subpersonality poorly (or does not saturate), and in this figure reflected vishudhas will be quite faint (perhaps even unnoticeable).
At some Subpersonality can almost absent sexual energy (eg the role of fighter pilots, when - at the time of the fighter pilot - sexual energy is not used). Ie These reflections will be inaccurate and situational. More - more. Part of Subpersonalities man brings with him from their past lives. Suppose I was in a life of Christian monks. Suppose I was a good monk ... well, almost fanatical, ie was solid and purposeful personality. Certainly within the life I have gained some skills, and by virtue of commitment, I have built them well. And, of course, complete with these skills are goals, understanding the methods, attitudes to current events, loyalty to Christianity, etc. etc.
So in the next life, I have these skills with a take .. and together with them and "all set", in the form of Subpersonality .... ie as if all that person entirely. But if the life it was leading, then the current incarnation - is just one of Subpersonalities, as it were a separate person inside of me, can be faintly expressed.
Of course,  Subpersonalities we are bring from not of all lives. But only the brightest .... Although the word "bright" is not entirely accurate. We bring along our outstanding historical personality, very different from the majority. Perhaps the righteous can be wicked, can be cynics or poets ... but in general they were very, very extraordinary in comparison with our other embodiments, ie, it is extraordinary for us.
Well, the third type Subpersonality - is ... mmmm ... how would that be something? Okay, I'll manage without a title. Every person carries within him Subpersonality which is a reflection of his views on the Mother, the Pope may be about his grandmother or grandfather, ie, reflection of his perceptions of people who were very close to him in childhood. These views can significantly differ from a real person, but he's not the most mom or dad, but how people perceive as a child of his father and mother. All that matters is this: in the age of 0-14 years old child is not an energy-independent being, his energy fueled parents. And energy can not exist without information, and thus, together with that fuel the parents pass on and information, including and of themselves, ie among other things pass and the image of themselves.
But - perception, emotional reactions and feelings of the child, which somehow distorts this information. So this way there is no precise:) In addition to parents in the area Subpersonality, person can get and other people. This may be a grandmother and / or grandfather, can be the teacher or the teacher may be a neighbor - that is, those people who fed the child, even if it is not his, had a sincere and from the soul. Maybe not entertained the highest energies - but entertained. Total we have: in each of us live Subpersonality. From time to time one or another Subpersonality activated, come to the fore, as it were, takes control over, and then the man apparently behaves as if it is this sublichnostyu. "Today I did not like yesterday - it is not vypendr, this switching sublichnostey. Subpersonality have their opinions, their fears, their goals, their vision of how the methods to achieve these goals, their attitudes to particular events, to some people, and generally behave as individuals. On the thin side, they may look like the essence of "parasitic" on the chakras of man, but they are composed entirely of energy of the person and not something external. So it is not the parasites - these are the structures of consciousness to which man himself spends its energy.