Escape behavior specialists

We had been
involved in different kinds of esoteric science for 5,7,10 years…. Not only
reading but had been practicing it…we went different ways and achieved
different aims…

And all we
are the escape behavior specialists (including me).

It is
impossible to make us doing something. We can wrench of any situation. If we
want we can prove that white isn’t white and that we hadn’t meant that and we
can pervert the promise and it will turn out we hadn’t promised anything at
all…And that will be done very professionally…as we can give a head start to
anybody slippery as an eel.

We learnt
to avoid…and personally I am not glad by that skill.

having known little more than the usual man of the street we can widely
understand the cause-and-effect  connections;
we made a lot of mistakes and we felt the consequences by our own skin as all
the people but esoteric let us see some of these connections. We are aware of
the decease caused by the rage while self non-admission causes another kind of decease.
We don’t want to get sick tending to avoid the evident for us pratfalls…and we
are avoiding, avoiding, avoiding…

It is sad.

I will not make even a step to the side where somebody will have the
opportunity to force me to do something…but where is the next step?

But we can
make that real! And much more than other people…

But while
avoiding the responsibility for our actions we make LESS as a consequence than
less experienced citizens.

We are
beaten while we are not the masochists. And we blow on the water and have learnt
to live without milk anyway…. (“The burnt child dreads the fire” saying is used;
the literal translation from Russian is “Once burned by milk you will blow on
cold water”.)

It is really

We are lack
of little devilry.  We lost drive not
every one of course but a lot of people.

It is
comfortable for young people as their youth boiled in their blood and it forces
them to the inconsiderate behavior.

But we are
thinking before act for a long time, thoroughly… while thinking we miss the
time to act…not everyone of course and not always, but… our energy bears
against not the self blocking and the worlds laws; but against the trivial “do
I need it?”

And the
further we go the more we see we don’t need it. We can live without that and
without this and can be satisfied with the minimum…wishing some achievements on
words…not exactly wishing them…so let me say we wouldn’t be against if a bulk
of dollars drop onto our heads or the keys of the new Bentley…so we don’t do
those insane and lively steps forwarding our dream.

We are
still alive but we aren’t burning yet as we are smoldering only. We are saving
our warmth and are used to that don’t remembering why we need it. 

Just live
not to scald yourself and that is almost the happiness.

Our skills
let us not to froze and die from hunger. And we solved the problems of the biological
surviving in the most cases and as a rule we have a piece of butter to our
bread…but what’s next?

The older
we become the less energy we obsess and that is naturally as to get more we
have to give more but we are used not to spend our warmth over trifles…

And we
don’t spend it…

substituted our “to be happy” into “to be content” and we are content at all.

especially content when we observe the people around and notice they have the
problem we don’t have. I don’t have that problem and this … and the absence of
the problem (not the malevolence) makes us happy.


I envy the
young ones. Despite of their age and brains I envy them. They can learn not
knowing how to do it.

They are
able to make the incredible things because of not knowing of what is impossible
in life.

And even
when they can’t make any miracles they can widen their limits by the knowledge
they obtain which is great.

And we…we
made it a lot of times…and we widen ourselves and we could make that further…
but that damn “but why?” deprives us not the powers but the incentive to move.
We do know conceit, pride and curiosity because of ego, and we deprive
ourselves of the accustomed incentives. And we can’t find the unusual ones.

But that is
great! To love and to suffer, to find and to lose…not only to find but to lose
is also very nice!

This is the
life itself and this is the life in action. Let them be the clueless emotions
but you can breathe with the full breast.
And don’t
think of that the draft exists and you should keep yourself from the cold!